What Are Kegels Exercises For

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– and why you should do them?
Over the last 20 years almost every contemporary magazine has talked about the subject of Kegel exercises and suggested these as being the solution to a lot of different issues that people face, such as incontinence, leakage when exercising and sexual dysfunction.

Improving the tone of your pelvic floor muscles is also described as one of the things that can bring a lot of pleasure and enjoyment into your life. This is one of the few cases where the media is totally right because doing Kegel exercises can truly transform your life. Many people don’t hear about this subject until they are pregnant or have some sort of issue with their body.

Pregnant women are told to do these exercises because they strengthen the pelvic floor by directly strengthening the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, that runs like a sling between your legs, from front to back, supporting the internal organs. They’re told to do this because pregnancy can put a lot of strain on those muscles and that can lead to incontinence among other issues.

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Kegel Exercises Toner For Women

The other angle that interests a lot of people is that these exercises can improve sexual performance for both men and women. For women it allows them to firm up those muscles which leads to more vaginal tone. For men, it is known to help with creating harder erections and allowing them to use their PC muscles to stop ejaculation so that they can last a lot longer.


How To Perform Kegel Exercises

There are many different ways to perform these exercises. Some people just work on stopping the flow of urine while going to the bathroom to learn how to activate these muscles and to learn where they’re located, though this is not recommended, as it can lead to the possibility of urinary infections. After a person has learned how to locate and clinch these muscles, they can do Kegel exercises at any time, preferably with an empty bladder. They are probably best performed first while lying down, feet on the floor and knees raised and slightly apart but once you have located these muscles and know how to tighten them, you can perform them in the car, at work or just about anywhere possible. It is also possible to buy electronic devices that help to stimulate the muscles.

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Kegel Exercises Toner For Men

Effect Of Kegel Exercises

One yet to be determined supposed outcome of doing these exercises is that they can improve prostate health in men because of the increased blood flow to the region. Although the research is inconclusive, the use of these exercises for men is known to help their sex life. For men who have an enlarged prostate, strengthening these muscles is also very important because it improves their ability to stop the flow of urine. Women who have been through vaginal childbirth know how important having strong PC muscles are to being able to control their bladder, for instance.

So as you can see, the answer to what are Kegels exercises is that they are a form of exercise that targets the PC muscles that support the pelvic organs, such as the bladder and uterus and can help control the flow of urine, create harder erections, increase vaginal tone and improve the health of both men and women. Kegels are a preventative and restorative exercise with many quality attributes and everyone should do them a few times a day to maintain their health and to increase sexual function. It is a little ounce of prevention.

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