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What Use Are Kegels Exercises To My Health

Kegels Can Change Your Life?

It may sound funny and slightly embarrassing, but doing kegels exercises can change your life. Many women just like to leave “that area” alone to do its own thing. But “that area” is vital for your life and good health and women everywhere should be more concerned about how to help it function properly. The truth is though, kegels are not only just for women they are for men as well. That may sound surprising, but understanding the benefits to doing kegels will help one understand how they should do them and why. While kegels have always been useful in women’s healthcare, there are benefits to it for males as well.

What Are Kegels?

So first to be addressed is what are kegels? Kegels are a pelvic exercise that consist of contracting and relaxing the muscles that support the pelvis. This motion must be performed multiple times during each day to begin to take effect, so every once in a while will show no benefit at all.

Kegels For Women

from www.kegelexercisesvideo.netWhat use are kegels exercises in womans health? These exercises are done to help bring down urinary stress incontinence in women, which often takes place after childbirth. It also helps pelvic prolapse by decreasing its severity. A study also showed the women who do regular kegels attain orgasm more easily, frequently, and more intensely. There are women who complain of a lack of vaginal feeling during sexual intercourse and may be experiencing dysfunction of the pubococcygeus (PC muscle). By doing kegel exercises the PC muscle can be restored and sexual appreciation is increased. This would be of great benefit since this is a part of life one should be enjoying, not annoyed by.

Kegels For Men

www.kegelexercisesvideo.netThere are terrific health benefits to men as well, and men everywhere should be more interested in doing kegel exercises themselves rather than dismissing them as only for women. This exercise can help men have greater control over their ejaculations, making sexual intercourse last longer. This exercise can also increase the intensity and size of their erections.

Problems that are helped or cured

Kegel exercises also aid men and women with urinary incontinence and even fecal incontinence. By strengthening your pelvic floor muscles your urine flow is more controlled and your pelvic organs stay in place. This reduces the need to urinate if you laugh too hard or cough or sneeze, and helps control those times that you have to go and cannot make it in enough time.

Starting Kegels

The best way to start a kegel exercise routine is by squeezing the muscles 3 seconds then relaxing for 3 seconds. Do this 10 to 15 times each session and try to do it 3 times a day. Add a second each week till you work up to squeezing the muscles for 10 seconds at a time.

So rather than wondering what use are kegels exercises to my health, just start doing them and see. Perhaps it will be that missing link in your sex life that you have been searching for, or maybe it will be the tool you needed to gain control over your bodily functions. Whatever the case, it cannot hurt to try and it could be of great benefit!

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